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First off I would like to introduce myself.  I am a wife of an absolutely wonderful, loving, and very supporting husband; a mother to three beautiful, smart, and amazing girls, ages twelve, nine, and two, that keep me on my toes at all times; a full time employee at a local grocery store working nights; an event planner of all events possible; and of course a leader as an independent distributor with It Works Global.  So when it comes to free time, I rarely have some, but that is okay with me because I know very soon I will. 

Now I would like to introduce some of these products.  I am happy to share these wonderful products with you because I have tried them, I have shared them with my family and friends, and they work.  I am walking proof that they can change your life in more ways than one.  You can buy and try the products yourself and enjoy the benefits they provide.  Or you can become an independent distributor like me and share them with your friends and family as well and benefit from the products and the business side.  We have these fantastic all natural, botanically infused, Ultimate Body Contouring Applicators you can use to tone, tighten, and firm all your trouble areas, from your neck to your toes, in as little as 45 minutes and see results just as fast.  Then the wraps will continue to work on that same area for the next 72 hours.  The best thing about these wraps, is unlike some of the wraps out there today, these do not remove anything from your body, THEY ARE NOT WATER LOSS.  These wraps are infusing your body with natural botanicals that work with your body to help you tone, tighten, and firm.  Then in between your wraps you can use our Defining Gel.  This product has the same all natural botanicals in them, but a less concentrated version so that you can use it everyday, also great for any area on your body from your neck to your toes.  Wait till you hear about our Fat Fighters, these supplements are a great item to add to your daily routine.  When taken 15 minutes to an hour after your largest meal, they can block some of the fat and the carbohydrates in the meal, and unlike other car inhibitors on the market, these ones work in the stomach not the intestines.  View the video below for a demonstration of how they work.  Don't miss the opportunity to try our Greens, an alkalizing, balancing, and detoxifying drink powder available in both orange and berry flavor.   This drink powder helps to correct the acidity in your body, balancing your PH levels.  The greens come in a canister, value size canister, and an on the go individual package.  And now available is the Greens Chews in Berry Blue Flavor.  Plus we have a full line of more great and natural products, keep scrolling to check them out.
So now let me tell you about our programs.  We have a few ways you can get these great products.  You can contact me and buy individual Ultimate Body Contouring Applicators or Facial Applicators for $30 each.  You can go online and shop retail and get a box of four Ultimate Body Contouring Applicators for $99 plus tax and shipping charges.  Of course we have a loyal customer program that will save you around 40% off the retail price.  That means you can sign up as a loyal customer and get a box of four Ultimate Body Contouring Applicators for only $59 plus tax and shipping.  There is a $50 sign up fee to become a loyal customer, however, right now the company will wave that fee as long as you have at least one item set up on an auto shipment program for at least three months.  It doesn't matter what that one product is, and we have so many to offer.  Plus as a loyal customer after your first three months the auto shipment orders ship for FREE, and you earn perk points on all your purchases.  Ten percent of your purchases get awarded back to you as points you can use towards the purchase of products, then at six months as a loyal customer the company gives you 50 perk points to use, and after twelve months they will give you 150 points.  Each point is worth the equivalence of $1 in products.  And now our new program gives you an option for even more free items, when you become a loyal customer and shop, if you share your referral link on Twitter or Pinterest (after logging in to your site) you will earn 10 perk points.  Then if someone else signs up as a loyal customer via your referral link, within the first 30 days of you becoming a loyal customer, you will be given the option to earn 35 perk points, or a free box of wraps.  What a great way to get free stuff.

So how do you want to try them today?

How would you like to Join the party? For as little as $199 $99, that's right at a discounted price of $100 off, you can become an independent distributor and leader for It Works Global products too.  We have a great team that helps to build friendship, family, and freedom just by sharing the products that we love and use everyday.  When you sign up you will receive a kit that includes four of our Ultimate Body Contouring Applicators and information that will help you to succeed.  Plus your first month your website is free.  The best part is everything you need is available at your fingertips in an eSuite program that is included with your website, and I am here to help you as well every step of the way to get you started.  So don't pass up this chance to make some extra money, working part time, from the comfort of your own home.

How to use the wrap demo on Youtube.

Get Your Sexy Back With Lexy
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